Sunday, December 7, 2014

...and then we met

[ I met you sometime during the summers of  a year which was never supposed to exist. That summer, people said was never supposed to appear. The last winter would defeat us all before the Christmas. But then, we lived, we met and time started changing. We spoke, we laughed, we smiled and then everything stopped. Stopped for hours and days and weeks. And then time changed again. This time, time was timeless]

We started walking together
at a time, which was turbulent...
At a time, when monsters wanted to hack the world
At a time when we never spoke
We started walking together
at a time, which was never supposed to come...

You asked me about my books
and the whimsy fancies I have
You asked me about the stories and poetries
we sat, we spoke for hours,
time passed like ocean waves
I kept looking at you,
at a time which was never predicted
at a time, which was never supposed to come...

The first walk, the first kiss and the first roar of my soul
you made me feel I am the ranger of your heart
And we have miles to walk...
See the suns, see the moons and the star in your eyes
We started walking together at a time,
at a time, which would never stop...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We stopped talking...

[I was weird enough to stop talking with you, stop all that we shared once. And now after a year or so, I still don't know why did I stop.]

Was a time when we freaked out,
under the sky, in the darkness, 
in the rain and in winter...

was a time when I told you
how much fun we have together,
singing in the pubs,
looking at eachother
cracking jokes, breaking heads,
getting drunk in laughter

and then, time stopped

stopped our conversation, 
you stayed amazed, in wonder
I stopped the fun, the chores under the sun
I stopeed the song, 
Stopeed the chats which were once long...
I created a blank, which wasn't white
a vaccuum that made me fight
fight with myself..

You call me an egoist,
a weird old man with a strange twist
But that's not me... 
I must have had a reason, reason that I stopped,
Inside my heart and in mind, I was slopped

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I thought so...

I thought I would make a good romantic story writer. But I think I was wrong. Romance is not really something that comes out of me naturally. 

I enjoy talking about the other side of life, the side which never existed. I love writing about things which were never there. I cherish over-thinking.

I don't like red and pink and yellow as much as I love grey and white and black.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Now you know him, don't you? ;)

Y O R  
A M    

Are you?

Roy Stellert?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Battlefield V 1.0

[The title of this poetry has nothing gotta do with the subject. Its been sometime that I haven't made any post. A couple of lines were tinkering my gray cells, but nothing so concrete.]

Fighting the battle was never easy.
Those who said it is, they lied
I fight my battle, you fight yours
Together we built a nation,
A nation, true and pure…
Ask yourself who are you,
A student, a leader or a soul
Ask your life a question,
Tell me life, what is your goal?
Tomorrow will see a new sun
A sun, brighter and sharper
Tomorrow we dream a new hope
We walk further, further further